Amplifying Your B2B Lead Generation with Newest AI-Powered Social Selling Automation Software

The changing world of B2B lead generators requires that one remain on top of things to succeed. The popularity of social selling is rising as companies look for ways to engage their potential clients in a digital-first age. Thanks to recent AI-based technological advancements, B2B lead generation efforts have been elevated to a new level. Join us to explore how technology supports marketing on social networks and can be used to change people’s lives. We will also find out how this technique makes it easier for your enterprise to exploit novel openings, initiate profound contacts, and hasten progress with a focus on B2B lead production.



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How Leadeth® Works


Choose Your Target Audience

We just made it even easier for you to find the best way to do something. After sifting through more than 640 million B2B contact profiles, all that remains is to choose the engagement intensity that best suits your needs. This might entail viewing profiles, liking posts, sending connection requests, and messaging in succession. Our lead generation platforms support all types of searches, such as advanced search, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn post engagement searches (it’s really amazing).

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Automate everything

Never before have leads been available so close. When you set your prospecting criteria, various campaigns can be automatically established for different markets. Moreover, you can introduce as many steps as possible through our user-friendly drag-and-drop platform. Programming the entire rotation using automated messages, connections, and Email Marketing Lead Generation is now possible.

Choose & Search Prospects on LinkedIn

Get Better Campaign Insights

Get key insights with up-to-date metrics of your LinkedIn prospecting campaign to better understand your connection volumes and response rates. Our smart inbox chat system lets you track whether you need to take action or take over the conversation on our dashboard. With different chat screens for each campaign, you will never miss a message.

And much more…

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Integrate your CRM

Zapier or webhooks enable synchronising profiles, contact information, and hot leads directly to your favourite CRM system. We do have our built-in CRM.

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Send drip campaigns

Set up and run drip email campaigns using message sequences to optimise follow-ups and sell better.

Events / Calendar / Scheduling

Schedule campaigns

Do you want to start campaigns immediately? That’s alright! Schedule your campaigns for Leadeth to start during your preferred working hours.

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Personalise messages

You can personalise messages using dynamic variables or use the template editor to incorporate your prospect’s name, company, or job title in bulk just by clicking once.

CSV File Format Export

CSV import/export

With Leadeth, uploading your lead list is simple, and you can kick off your campaign immediately. Alternatively, you can use the opposite approach: exporting generated leads.

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Video engagement

Leadeth weaves automated video tasks into your outreach campaigns thereby crafting dynamic workflows that improve video communications that lead to successful outbound activities.

Designed for agencies and people running many accounts

Our lead generation process is exclusively built for organizations and individuals managing numerous accounts. Our user-friendly online lead generator interface lets you move between various accounts within an instant and observe the status of all without logging in and out repeatedly. If you’ve ever encountered challenges about sending messages such as emails or texts or anything else to similar leads or prospects via multiple platforms or interfaces, including social media channels or other online websites, then don’t worry anymore because there is an embedded option that excludes them once they have been targeted using another account.”


Smart Inbox & Chat

Smart Inbox

You can check out all the app’s messages through that page. Flagging important ones, marking unread, and replying as you do via email. On the sidebar, the chat window displays a complete history of all the conversations from where it will be easy for you to send messages. As you respond to prospects, some template replies from which you can choose the best can also be inserted forward. This will certainly save you time.

The safest tool for social selling automation

Leadeth thrives in the clouds. Hence, we ensure that every user is given a dedicated IP address, which means LinkedIn cannot monitor you. Our algorithm behaves just like humans’; this way, nothing suspicious could raise concern about your activity.

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Leadeth® is the perfect software if you want to


Generate leads

Generate thousands of new leads, entirely on autopilot, with worlds safest automation software for social selling.

Engage with your connections

Keep your network informed by sending bulk messages to the target audience you want to reach out to.


Recruit high potentials

Recruiting has never been easier.
Find your new colleagues on autopilot.

Alex has become a fast friend and ally on my coaching journey. He brings high standards and expertise to his area and I am excited to be a Leadeth customer and see the product helping to build my business. I would highly recommend Alex!

Steve Wright

Life and Business Coach | Empowering Personal and Professional Grwoth through Tailored Coaching Programs, SAWright Coaching

I have found Alex's Leadeth digital marketing service a real game changer for my sales campaigns.

As a new start-up business reaching out to small businesses with a Peer2Peer board offering, I find that LinkedIn marketing using Leadeth has transformed my business prospects and greatly accelerated the growth of my local Peer2Peer board. I will definitely be recommending it to my board members as a highly effective and reliable marketing tool.

By the way, if you are someone like myself who finds Internet technology and marketing a complex mystery, you will discover the marketing campaigns easy to run, as the support team's guidance and advice is so excellent. No need to worry that you can't handle the technology. It soon becomes easy enough to handle. if I can do it, so can you.

Jeremy Old

Chair of New Forest Peer2Peer board & Managing Director, Peer2Peer & Team Business Development

I recently joined Leadeth, and I must say that I'm beyond thrilled with the results so far! The program has provided me with an incredible amount of value and insights that I wouldn't have been able to access on my own. The support team has been incredibly helpful in answering any questions that I've had, and their expertise has been invaluable to my business.

The program has been an absolute game-changer for my lead generation efforts. I've seen a significant increase in the number and quality of leads coming into my business, and I'm confident that this program will help me achieve the success I've been striving for.

I highly recommend Leadeth to anyone looking to improve their lead generation efforts and take their business to the next level. Thank you to Alex and the entire team for creating such an amazing program and for your dedication to helping your clients succeed!

Fabiana Xavier

Creative Director, Senior Art Director, Fabs Creative

Alex is a great person to work with. I have found him really patient and really interested in making sure I get the best from his services. Alex is just fab to work with.

Julia Stock

Director, Be Astute

Leadeth is an amazing business search tool and Alex makes it very easy for anyone, even me, to put the search in place. I cannot recommend this service enough. Truly brilliant!

Malcolm Scott Walby

Partner, Scott Walby LLP

Some 12 months or so ago I had the good fortune of meeting Alex Smith.
During that time, he helped us to upgrade our lead generation system.
His technical and business insights, knowledge and sound advice have helped us enormously.
Whatever issue you might have regarding digital marketing Alex is your man.
Alex is there to guide us through key issues and ask all those difficult questions and challenges.
He goes above and beyond in helping us to grow and develop.
Perhaps most importantly he is an honest trader that only wants the best for his clients.

Terry O’Mahony

Founder and Director, Construction Leaders Club

We have been working with Alex for a couple of years now and he has been a considerable part of The Business Network South Manchester's success.

Through Leadeth he has managed to connect us to senior decision makers in Manchester and Cheshire which has enabled us to grow to over 80 members now and we are withing touching distance of our target of 100 members which I am sure we will achieve in the next couple of months.

Simon E.

Host, The Business Network

Alex introduced me to Leadeth and wow - we wanted to generate quality contacts to enhance our networking group and Alex's tool generated approximately 2-3 visitors every week.

Alex talked me through all the various parameters that we could tailor, he made it look so easy to operate.

Alex has worked with many of our client and all have given high praise for the results - as we have also seen

If you want to expand your network or grow your business Alex and his team will certainly get you well underway on that path

We highly recommend Leadeth, Alex and his team.

Tina Edwards

Managing Director, SinglePoint Bookkeeping Services

Alex and his team have been hugely responsible for the growth of my business over the last year. They have really helped me develop a world beating lead generation strategy using their software. They don’t just stop at supplying software though… they’re really happy to book in a call whenever we need it, to help us through any technical questions. This has been particularly useful in enabling me to refine my strategy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex and his team to any business looking to grow.

Philip C. (Business Coach at ActionCOACH)

I would like to thank Alex for all his help over the first few months at my role at the Federation of small businesses. He is incredibly knowledgeable and provides a brilliant platform with Leadeth for lead generation & LinkedIn. His systems are efficient and he is very accessible. Thank you Alex!
Emma W. (Business Advisor in Southampton)

Alex is a great guy always prepared to help out his clients, I used his system to attract leads and found it very useful. I would reccomend anyone looking to use Linkedin as a marketing tool to get in touch with Alex
Richard G. (Recruiter at Federation of Small Businesses)

I have been working with Alex Smith for the last year and half and he has transformed my business during Covid I would recommend him to any of my contacts.

Stuart M. (Membership Advisor at FSB)