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All events are free and run on a thirteen week cycle, four times a year. Details of the next event topic will follow your booking.
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All our events are free, hosted online, on Tuesdays at 9.30 am UK (GMT) time.

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Our upcoming events:

Week 1 (2nd January) Find Prospects for Free

Unlock the potential of free prospecting. Learn where to find and how to engage your B2B audience effectively without financial investment.

Week 2 (9th January) Prospecting Niche Mastery

Dive deeper into niche prospecting. Enhance your targeting and engagement tactics to identify and nurture valuable leads more effectively.

Week 3 (16th January) Boosting Your LinkedIn I

Transform your LinkedIn profile into a lead magnet. Learn how to optimise and enhance your profile to attract the right B2B audience.

Week 4 (23rd January) Boosting Your LinkedIn II

Elevate your LinkedIn influence. Discover advanced techniques to increase your reach and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Week 5 (30th January) Mastering Outreach Part I

Initiate meaningful connections. Learn the art of reaching out and starting conversations that lead to valuable business relationships.

Week 6 (6th February) Mastering Outreach Part II

Deepen your LinkedIn connections. Master strategies to nurture and convert your LinkedIn network into long-term, valuable partnerships.

Week 7 (13th February) Email Outreach Fundamentals

Craft emails that get opened and read. Learn the secrets to writing compelling emails that engage and convert your prospects.

Week 8 (20th February) Email Campaign Mastery

Take your email campaigns to the next level. Personalise, automate, and refine your email strategies for maximum impact and conversion.

Week 9 (27th February) Content Strategy & Social Cycle

Master your content and social media rhythm. Plan and execute a 13-week content strategy that keeps your audience engaged and attracts new leads.

Week 10 (5th March) Video for Visibility

Harness the power of video. Learn how to create engaging content that enhances your visibility and draws in a wider audience on LinkedIn.

Week 11 (11th March) Ace Scheduling Basics

Streamline your scheduling. Discover best practices for managing appointments and optimising your calendar for peak productivity.

Week 12 (19th March) Scheduling & Time Management

Elevate your time management. Learn advanced techniques to efficiently manage your schedule and maximise lead generation efforts.

Week 13 (26th March) Scaling and Partnership

Expand your business horizons. Gain insights into scaling your business, exploring partnerships, and leveraging tools like ChatGPT AI for growth.



Alex Smith Leadeth.io Founder

About your host Alex Smith

Alex is a digital entrepreneur and business owner who started his own ventures in 2014, selling decorative stickers on eBay and building a successful Amazon brand with over half a million in annual revenue. With a background in the printing industry, having worked in his family’s business, Print Team, from a young age, Alex has a passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

In 2019, Alex worked as a self-employed sales representative for a national membership organization on a commission-only basis. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led him to reevaluate his approach to generating more members for the organisation. That’s when he turned to LinkedIn, the professional’s choice for social selling, and founded Leadeth, a LinkedIn lead generation SaaS (software as a service) that helps small business owners generate hundreds of qualified appointments and sales every month.

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