Lead Generation Masterclass

13 weeks of action-packed sales and marketing events for business professionals.

Lead Generation Masterclass

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All our events are free, hosted via Zoom, on Tuesdays at 9 am UK (GMT) time.

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Our upcoming events

Week #1 –4 Ways to Find Your Prospects (for Free)

Week #2 – How to Prime your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Week #3 – How to start connecting with prospects on LinkedIn

Week #4 – How to effectively follow up with prospects via Emails

Week #5 – How to create engaging video content for LinkedIn

Week #6 – Automating Appointment Setting

Week #7 – Turn your website into a Lead Generator

Week #8 – Cold Email Marketing 101

Week #9 LinkedIn Ads

Week #10 – How to run a 5-day challenge

Week #11 – Leverage Blogs and LinkedIn Newsletters

Week #12 – Using CRMs to track Leads in a Pipeline

Week #13 – Trello is the reason for our rapid growth

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All events are free and run on a thirteen week cycle, four times a year. Details of the next event topic will follow your booking.

Alex Smith Leadeth.io Founder

About your host Alex Smith

Alex is a digital entrepreneur and business owner who started his own ventures in 2014, selling decorative stickers on eBay and building a successful Amazon brand with over half a million in annual revenue. With a background in the printing industry, having worked in his family’s business, Print Team, from a young age, Alex has a passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

In 2019, Alex worked as a self-employed sales representative for a national membership organization on a commission-only basis. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led him to reevaluate his approach to generating more members for the organisation. That’s when he turned to LinkedIn, the professional’s choice for social selling, and founded Leadeth, a LinkedIn lead generation SaaS (software as a service) that helps small business owners generate hundreds of qualified appointments and sales every month.


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