Effective LinkedIn Connection & Follow-up Message Templates on LinkedIn

January 30, 2023

Blank Notes

💡Our Advice: Leaving an empty note on LinkedIn can yield a 32% connection acceptance rate according to the LaGrowthMachine (depending on your profile and audience).  But this short ‘This is Me’ template can generate 1% more typically:

The ‘This is Me’ template

Hi/Hello {{FIRST_NAME}}, I work for {{COMPANY_NAME}}, and I’d love to connect with you.

The ‘Things in Common’ templates


I came across your profile and was very interested in your experience in {{POSITION}} in {{INDUSTRY}}.

How about we get in touch? I share a lot of content relating to {{PROFESSION}} that I think you might find useful.


Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I saw you’re also connected with {{MUTUAL CONNECTION}}. I’d love to have you in my network too.

Or if using automation:


I noticed we shared a few mutual connections. It would be great to connect.



I had a quick look at your profile and was very impressed with what you guys are doing over at {{COMPANY_NAME}}. Let’s connect.

The ‘Flatter their Ego’ template


I saw that you are {{POSITION}} at {{COMPANY NAME}}.

I’m looking to connect with {{POSITION}} professionals like you so as to better understand the challengings in your field.

The ‘Fishing for Information’ template

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, thanks for the connection!

I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. Where do you find most of your customers at {{COMPANY NAME}}?

The ‘win or lose’ template


I saw that you were in the middle of developing your network on LinkedIn.

At Leadeth, we develop tools that can help {{COMPANY_NAME}} generate more leads, especially through the automation of your actions on LinkedIn. Would you like to know more?

Expressing admiration for their work (more salesy)

Hi/Hello {{FIRST_NAME}},

My name is Alex, I am {{POSITION}} at {{COMPANY_NAME}}. I came across your post about {{SUBJECT}}, and I just had to get in touch with you 😀

You seem like exactly the type of person I want to interact with on LinkedIn. I admire the work of {{COMPANY_NAME}} as {{REASON_FOR_ADMIRATION}}.

Using Automation Tools (use emojis with a younger audience):


My name is Alex, I am the founder at Leadeth.

You seem to be exactly the type of person I want to interact with on LinkedIn. I admire the work you do as a {{POSITION}}.

I myself am fascinated with {{INDUSTRY}} and am always looking for solutions. 🎯

I actually have something that I think you could benefit from.

Finding Mutual Benefits – Building Partnerships

Hi/Hello {{FIRST_NAME}},

I am Alex, Founder in the Digital Marketing field.

I see that you are {{POSITION}} in {{COMPANY}}. I am also interested in {{COMPANY_NAME}} and its impact on {{SPECIFIC TOPIC}}. I think we could connect on LinkedIn.

I will be happy to follow {{COMPANY_NAME}}’s activities as well as your posts on the topic! I hope you have a great week 😁



It seems we both like {{INDUSTRY}}. I meet weekly with successful people in {{INDUSTRY}} to talk about {{TOPIC}}, and we help each other find leads 😀

Are you interested in discussing how we can help each other?

I look forward to meeting you soon.

The ‘Backlink Building’ template

Hi/Hello {{FIRST_NAME}},

My name is Alex and I just came across your resource page for {{TARGET AUDIENCE}}:

(if you insert the link to their resource page, that’s even better).


I wrote an article that might be of interest to your readers {{INSERT LINK TO CORRESPONDING ARTICLE ON THEIR RESOURCE PAGE}}.

It could be a good addition to your page and provide a lot of value to your visitors.

What do you think? 😉 Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Recruiter template

Hi/Hello {{FIRST_NAME}} my name is Alex. I saw the job posting {{JOB POSTING REF}}. It is exactly what I love to do, and what I am very good at doing as a {{MY JOB TITLE}}.

I would love to have more information on the role,

I promise it won’t take long. Could we have a quick chin-wag? 😁

💡Our Advice: As you can see, none of these messages signs off with your own name, phone number or email address. With the way messages are presented on LinkedIn, it’s not necessary to include them as not only does it save on the 300-character limit but they’ll see your profile picture and a name clearly at the start of every message you send them. Just ensure you have your contact details available on your profile.

The Follow-up Messages

💡Our Advice: Always thank the prospect for accepting your connection request before asking anything else!

The ‘I’ve got a Question’ template

Hi/Hello {{FIRST_NAME}}, thanks for connecting. I just finished reading your post about {{TOPIC}}, and I’ve got a question for you… Do you think {{QUESTION_ABOUT_TOPIC}}? Interested to hear your thoughts on this. Alex

💡Our Advice: One of the first mistakes SDRs and MDRs make on LinkedIn is to immediately start selling. What prospects want and respond best to is value. How better to connect and offer them that value than with an invitation note to a webinar/event?

Webinar Invitation template

Good morning {{FIRST_NAME}}, I hope you’re doing well. Just messaging to let you know that I’m hosting a webinar about {{TOPIC}} on {{DATE & TIME}}. I think you’ll find it interesting. Here’s the registration link if you’d like to learn more or RSVP: {{EVENT URL}}. Hope to see you there!

💡Our Advice: Research your prospect before sending LinkedIn messages about a specific topic or industry. It won’t do you any good if you send the same message to every prospect. Some might not even be in the same industry or interested in the webinar topic.

Follow Up Message template

Filling a prospect’s LinkedIn inbox with “Have you read my message?” will only annoy them. So how do you follow up on your cold messages without coming across as a pushy B2B sales rep?

Keep it polite, like this LinkedIn messaging template:

How are you {{FIRST_NAME}}? I know it’s a busy time of year, but I’d love to have a conversation with you about {{TOPIC OF LAST MESSAGE}}. I recently learned {{INSERT INTERESTING FACT OR STAT ABOUT TOPIC}}. Let me know if there’s a better time to message. Chat soon!

💡Our Advice: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response to your first or even your second follow-up message. SalesBlink found that 50% of sales occurred after the fifth follow-up to a cold email, whereas, on average, only two attempts are ever made. So it makes sense to give the same number of attempts with your cold messaging on LinkedIn.

The ‘Hard Sell’ pitching template

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I’m reaching out to you from Leadeth. We specialize in {{PRODUCT OR SERVICE}} for companies like yours in the {{INDUSTRY}}. In fact, many of our customers have experienced {{MAIN SELLING POINTS}}.

If you’d like to find out more, please look at our website here: {{LINK}}. Or we can arrange a call at your earliest convenience.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Many thanks,


LinkedIn Group message template

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I wanted to reach out because I’m also in the {{LINKEDIN GROUP NAME}}. Judging by your profile, you’ve got quite a lot of experience in the {{INDUSTRY}}. I’d love to chat with you about the strategies you’ve been using at {{COMPANY_NAME}} recently. Let me know when you’re available. Thanks!

💡Our Advice: Keep it SHORT. Yes, you can write up to 1900 characters in InMail messages (while connection request notes only allow up to 300), but that doesn’t mean you should! Search Engine Journal found that messages under 400 characters performed 22% better than average.

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