Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadeth®?

Leadeth® is a cloud-based software designed to automate social selling for businesses, helping them generate more leads on autopilot.  Our founder Alex Smith° is an experienced Marketing Consultant who guides you through the process of creating automated lead generation campaigns and supports you within our Leadeth Together community.

How does Leadeth® work?

Leadeth® allows you to filter your ideal prospects from their database of over 640 million B2B contact profiles and select the desired level of engagement, such as profile views, post likes, connection invites, or a sequence of messages. You can also upload your own CSV list of leads. Once you set your prospecting criteria, you can automatically create multiple campaigns for different market segments and add as many steps as you need with an intuitive drag & drop interface.

How can I integrate Leadeth® with my favourite CRM tools?

You can integrate Leadeth® with your favourite CRM tools (e.g. Hubspot, Pipedrive, SalesForce or Close) using Zapier or webhooks. So as soon as you receive a responsive prospect you can drive them into a third-party tool. We also have our own built-in CRM for your convenience – where you can specify your own sales pipeline by establishing multiple stages.

How can Leadeth® help me generate leads?

Leadeth® can help you generate thousands of new leads on autopilot, entirely with the world’s safest automation software for social selling.  Within the Leadeth Together community you’ll learn our proven strategies to generate more leads from LinkedIn, 1st Degree Nudge Campaigns, 2nd Degree connection request campaigns, and Group and Events Campaigns. You can also generate high-converting email marketing campaigns.

Can I personalise messages with Leadeth®?

Yes, you can personalise messages with dynamic variables or integrate the name, company, or job title of your prospect in bulk with our template editor. We also have a high-personalised video overlay engagement feature that is capable of generating personalised landing pages with a video of your prospects’ LinkedIn profile.

Is Leadeth® safe to use?

Yes, Leadeth® is safe to use. It is cloud-based, which means they give every user a unique dedicated IP address that LinkedIn won’t get an eye on. Besides that, their algorithm mimics human behaviour, so there are no suspicious actions that could flag your activity. We set activity levels in line with LinkedIn’s API recommendations.

How can I get better campaign insights with Leadeth®?

Leadeth® allows you to get key insights with up-to-date metrics of your LinkedIn prospecting campaign to better understand things like your connection volumes and response rates. Our dashboard also allows you to track whether you need to take action or take over the conversation through a single smart inbox chat system. Within the inbox, you’ll be able to mark prospects as Leads or Customers and Tag them based on their responses so you can filter or export them to a CSV file.

Does Leadeth® offer a free trial?

No, Leadeth® doesn’t offer any free 14-day trials currently. Each month we offer some prospects a guest pass, this gives you full access to our tools for a whole month to evaluate our software and service. Get get your exclusive guest pass, please book your strategy call here.

Is Leadeth® designed for agencies and people running multiple accounts?

Yes, Leadeth® is designed for agencies and people running multiple accounts. Their easy-to-use dashboard allows you to switch between different accounts in a second and keep an eye on the status of each account by using only one login.  Being cloud based it will save you from running multiple browsers or Chrome plugins for each client.

Does Leadeth® offer support?

Yes, Leadeth® offers support to its subscribers. You can contact their support team if you have any questions or concerns.

The Leadeth Together subscription plan provides you with 3 client drop-in sessions via Zoom each week (not including UK bank holidays). You can schedule these thought the platform or application.

How does Leadeth® comply with GDPR & ICO

GDPR applies to any business that operates in the European Union (EU), regardless of where they are based. In other words, it applies to any organisation that does business with EU citizens.

The key factor is obtaining consent, and then handling that data securely. LinkedIn is a very established platform and certainly complies with GDPR – connecting with people on LinkedIn is considered “Legitimate Consent“. Marketing your services or products to those you’ve not yet connected with, is considered as ”Legitimate Interest‘ provided you make it clear to allow prospects to opt-out of your marketing.

Leadeth T/A dorweb Ltd. is a ICO (Information Commissioners Office) registered tier 1 data processor and fee-payer: Ref: ZA915325

What are the different subscription levels offered by Leadeth?

Leadeth offers three main subscription levels:

  1. Leadeth Grow (£175 + VAT/month): Includes basic features, AI capabilities, 500 credits, and 4 group drop-in sessions per month.
  2. Leadeth Scale (£295 + VAT/month): Includes 1000 credits, SMS outreach, weekly live support via Zoom, online LinkedIn training courses, template campaigns, exclusive Leadeth Link-up events, and 12 client support sessions per month.
  3. Leadeth Unlimited (£830 + VAT/month): A comprehensive done-for-you package that includes all the features of Leadeth Scale, plus the added benefit of having the Leadeth team handle the majority of the work.

How do Leadeth Credits work, and what are they used for?

Leadeth Credits are a part of the package you purchase and are used for various campaign activities. Enrichment credits provide email addresses and phone numbers to enhance your contact data (1 credit per prospect). In the Grow and Scale plans, credits also unlock the use of AI within replies and magic campaign generation (40 credits).

Can Leadeth integrate with my CRM?

Leadeth has its own built-in CRM and integrates directly with Hubspot (Sync Contacts and Pipeline Opportunities) and qualified leads can also be pushed directly to GoHighLevel.

For other CRMs, like Salesforce, Salesloft, Pipedrive, Close and Zoho, you can manually export prospect data to a CSV spreadsheet for importing or use the API webhook feature with Zapier for automatic data syncing.

Do all Leadeth plans include LinkedIn and email outreach?

Yes, all Leadeth plans include LinkedIn and email outreach. The system automates the process, starting with LinkedIn connections and followed by introductory emails, creating a seamless bridge between the two platforms.

Is Sales Navigator required to use Leadeth?

No, Sales Navigator is not essential for using Leadeth services. However, it allows for more precise targeting and can increase the number of connection requests you can send daily/weekly.