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Unlock the secrets to sustainable growth, lead conversion mastery, and unparalleled client retention.

Our complimentary 13-week masterclass is your ultimate guide to scaling your B2B coaching or consulting enterprise.

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Our programme of events:

Week 1 – Unleashing Your B2B Potential: The Blueprint to Success
Kickstart your journey with strategic insights into transforming your B2B coaching or consulting business.
Week 2 – Decision Maker Dynamics: How to Open Closed Doors
Learn the art of reaching and engaging decision-makers effectively to skyrocket your conversion rates.

Week 3 – From Contacts to Contracts: The Lead Conversion Formula
Master the techniques to convert qualified leads into loyal clients with our proven conversion strategies.

Week 4 – Time Mastery for Consultants: Unlocking Productivity
Discover how to manage your time effectively, enabling more opportunities for growth and less time on administrative tasks.

Week 5 – Marketing Mastery: Campaigns That Connect
Dive into creating engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

Week 6 – The Science of Sales: Selling Without Selling Out
Explore ethical sales techniques that build trust and relationships, turning prospects into partners.

Week 7 – The Client Retention Code: Keeping Your Golden Geese
Learn the secrets to retaining your top clients and ensuring a steady stream of income through satisfaction and loyalty.

Week 8 – Leadership in Consulting: Inspiring Change
Enhance your leadership skills to inspire change within client organisations and your own business.

Week 9 – Building Teams That Thrive: The Collaboration Formula
Discover strategies for building high-performance teams within your consultancy or your client’s businesses.

Week 10 – Navigating the Digital Landscape: Online Tools & Trends
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest digital tools and trends that can enhance your consulting efficiency and effectiveness.

Week 11 – Crafting Your Signature Offer: Stand Out & Sell More
Learn how to develop and position a signature offer that differentiates you in the crowded B2B market.

Week 12 – The Ultimate Networking Guide: Building Worthwhile Connections
Master the art of networking to build valuable relationships that support and grow your business.

Week 13 – Scaling Success: Strategies for Sustainable Growth
Map out your growth strategy with insights into scaling your operations, expanding your reach, and maintaining quality.



Alex Smith Leadeth.io Founder

About your host Alex Smith

Alex is a digital entrepreneur and business owner who started his own ventures in 2014, selling decorative stickers on eBay and building a successful Amazon brand with over half a million in annual revenue. With a background in the printing industry, having worked in his family’s business, Print Team, from a young age, Alex has a passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

In 2019, Alex worked as a self-employed sales representative for a national membership organization on a commission-only basis. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led him to reevaluate his approach to generating more members for the organisation. That’s when he turned to LinkedIn, the professional’s choice for social selling, and founded Leadeth, a LinkedIn lead generation agency that helps small business owners generate hundreds of qualified appointments and sales every month.

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